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Apr 18, 2010 7:30am EDT
thing i say but be very natural about who you are with any business in america. you can talk about your background. do not hide the fact you've been in prison. if you volunteer the data up front you'll probably have a good chance of being successful. >> this segues into the issue the marketing person had and we were talking about this before. seems like both of you guys would say don't put the whole story out there. >> i actually like the story on the back of the bread because i think people make a personal connection to the product, feel a connection to the person and want to buy. i like that. i don't love the name killer, because killer is tough. >> i think i take one or the other. i'm not 100% you mix killer and ex-con in the same sentence. >> when i first heard about the story and heard killer, i automatically thought jail, killer, i didn't think killer like cool. >> you have to be careful images in the mind. i would stay with the ex-con, images great, story is heartfelt. i would stay with that but remove the word killer. >> that's interesting. you look at it, bread is kind of borin
Apr 25, 2010 7:30am EDT
cashback bonus at home improvement stores. it pays to get more, it pays to discover. somewhere in america... the slightest breeze harbors immense power. the tallest buildings leave the lightest footprints. a fifty-ton train makes barely a mark on the environment. and a country facing climate change finds climate solutions. somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest questions. and the over sixty thousand people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers. >>> how do you keep something like bowling cool? sometimes success means striking the right cord by reinventing your business. that's coming up next on "your business." >>> hi there, everyone. i'm jj ramberg. welcome to "your business," where we give you tips and advice to help your business grow. reinventing the game. that is probably one of the best ways to describe what could be happening at your local bowling alley, bowling a strike or in some cases, mine, a gutter ball, the snazzy shoes is still part of the fun. there's a renewed focus on upscaling the experience. >> everyone likes to bowl. >
Apr 11, 2010 7:30am EDT
powertrain warranty. with roadside assistance and courtesy transportation, it's the best coverage in america. >>> the economy is improving but some small business owners say they're still struggling. the owner of a saturn dealership refuses to give up even when the company goes bankrupt. >>> getting the leg up on competition at trade shows. that's all coming up next on "your business." >>> it's not just any business, it's your business. >>> hi, there, everyone. i'm j.j. ramberg and welcome to "your business" where we give you tips and advice to help your business grow. conflicting data out there on the state of small business. spending is up and a number of surveys show people are optimistic about the rest of the year but some are more cautious. just last weekend lawrence summers the white house director of economic council made the quote there is a quiet depression in small business. optimism index was down in february. william dennis is senior fellow with the research foundation and kelly is the owner of falling white, custom woodworking in new jersey and a member of the main street ilianc
Apr 3, 2010 5:30am EDT
in this community, fortunately. >> it was a nasty divorce. from one of america's most famous playgrounds. >> east hampton is maybe one of the wealthiest pockets of new york with vast, old money, huge estates >> on one side, a multimillionaire. >> sort of a small town kid who made very, very good. >> and the other, a woman scorned. >> it would be the stupidest thing in the world to have been at the house that night. >> then a brutal murder. at one point, someone probably was doing drop-kicking with a knee to crush his rib cage. >> and now, an msnbc exclusive with the man convicted of the crime. >> my reaction to the verdict? i was floored. >> in this hour, "death in the hamptons." dannemora, new york. the locals call it little siberia and this concrete behemoth is the town's claim to fame. the clinton correctional facility. home to some of new york's toughest cons. inside sits one of its more notorious inmates. daniel pelosi, a working class guy who met a rich, married woman and who was convicted of killing her multimillionaire husband. >> to, i did not kill ted ammon, i swear on my children. >> p
Apr 17, 2010 5:30am EDT
." >> the streets ain't nothing nice. >> on any given day in america, there are nearly 1.5 million kids living on the streets. each year reality hits home for thousands of runaways under the bright lights of hollywood, where many homeless teens live on discarded food and an endless supply of cheap heroin. they will tell you in their own raw language that being a street d
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5